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Scuba Dive and Snorkel Coiba National Park and the Pacific Coast of the Republic of Panama


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The best kept scuba diving secrets on the planet are right here in Panama.


Scuba-Charters, is located in Santa Catalina, Panama. This area is often described by many as the "New Galapagos" and the "New Cocos Islands." How can diving in Panama, a short plane trip from the U.S., be described as similar to two of the ultimate, but remote, destinations for divers? Well, it's part of the same underwater mountain chain and the same geographical area. The same animals you see in the Galapagos and Cocos are also here, close by, accessible by boat or Panama Liveaboard. And, the bonus is that you'll see more coral, less boat traffic, and far fewer divers.

When you dive with us, you will also find a unique and highly personalized dive experience. We're not fans of crowded cattle boats, so we limit the boat to 6 divers. We'll be your personal guides and are happy to tailor your diving experience to your skill level and personal preferences.


scuba diving panama


Wow, where do we start?

There are some areas best described as diving in a can of sardines. At times the fish population here is so abundant you actually have to take care that you don't bump into them. Of course, they are doing the same, kind of a more pleasant rush hour without the swearing and hand gestures. You'll see hundreds of tropical ornamental fish species here along with colorful hard and soft corals.

On the edge of deep waters, you'll find the big guys. The head honchos of the sea: White Tip Reef Sharks, Whale Sharks, Humpback Whales, Huge Yellow Fin Tuna, Bull Sharks, Enormous Marlin and Sailfish, Galapagos Sharks, Giant Turtles, Tiger Sharks, Pilot Whales, Oceanic White Tip Sharks, Giant Mantas, and everything in between. When we see an abundance of cleaner fish, it's almost a guarantee that something big will appear.

Special Guest Stars

There are certain seasons that bring in our "Special Guests". From June to October, the Humpback Whales calve their young here and it would be unusual not to see one breaching the surface somewhere. From February to July, the Whale Sharks are here. From October to December, the giant schools of Golden Rays fly through, literally. January through April, the Mobula Manta´s school in the hundreds and often you can see them flying up to three meters out of the sea.


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Most of the areas that we dive are either World Heritage Sites and/or National Parks. There are specific rules that must always be adhered to under the guidance and auspices of the National Park regulations. You may not touch animals, remove fauna, flora or marine plants. Even taking dead coral is heavily frowned upon. We take great pride in our backyard and are not the type of dive operator to turn a blind eye.

Remember, take only pictures and leave only bubbles.

All divers should have sufficient skills and experience. Many of our dives are considered advanced due to current and/or depth. If you are a beginner, please advise us, and we will be happy to adjust our locations accordingly until you feel comfortable. If you need a refresher class, let us know and we'll be happy to do one for you.


Coiba National Park


The entire Gulf of Chiriqui should have been named a World Heritage Site, but that's not the case. Fortunately, Coiba National Park was designated as such.

We Dive the "Gulf of Chiriqui" on the Pacific Coast of Panama:

All of these areas are special and unique in their own way. And, every one of them are great dives.


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Mother nature (personal friend of ours) will always throw in some surprises that will have you talking about these dives to all of your friends. If you just want to see everything (a diving buffet), We will be happy to put together tours by the week or month.

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